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The Five Weight Management Illusions

ONE; A specific body image is required for the person to be accepted in society. The essence of this illusion is that a change in body weight and physical appearance will be a “cure all” for any problems in the person’s life. This illusion is normally perpetuated by advertising and other mass media.

TWO; The second is the idea that finding the right diet will solve all the problems of being over or under weight. A fad diet is not a quick fix, and for many people with weight problems the whole concept of ‘diet’ is negative, and is part of the problem. The ‘diet’ concept should be understood in a non threatening manner as a tool to be used and enjoyed to enhance health and well being.

THREE; The third is that people who are over or under weight are lazy or work too hard. The truth is that people with weight problems are normal people just like everyone else. It is common to find that the low self esteem that could be one of the emotional causes of the weight problem will be the result of working too hard to be accepted by others. They could also be over achievers who are overly critical of themselves.

FOUR; The fourth is that overweight people are funny and have a good sense of humour. This follows on from the previous myth – when some people have low self esteem, they over compensate by doing more than they need to please others. It is important to understand and boost the self worth and the self image as well as a comprehensive eating and exercise plan.

FIVE; The fifth is that the person with a weight problem who loses and gains weight regularly has not yet found the right diet. The concept that when the right diet is found, things will improve is false. This is one of the more dangerous myths because it allows the person to not take the weight problem seriously enough and sets up and perpetuates a negative spiral of belief that proves to the client that every time that they try to lose weight, they can’t. This further erodes their self esteem and escalates the problem.

It is important that these myths are undermined and properly understood. PLEASE take time to assess yourself regularly using the Wellness Workbook, or other form of therapy that suits you.

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Wellness is a perpetual feeling of self empowerment which allows you to live at your highest possible potential in all areas of your life, and helps to create the time and energy to improve yourself and others.

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